Oratory Prep vs Wayne Valley


Jonathan deMontagnac, Staff Writer

Yesterday, Oratory Prep Lacrosse faced off against Wayne Valley, at Wayne Valley’s home field, in a preseason scrimmage. The entire game was a battle between the two teams, with each team holding the lead for small parts of the game. Going into the half, the score was 3-4, with Wayne Valley holding the lead. Even though Wayne Valley had the lead, Oratory Prep had majority of the possession time in the 2nd quarter. As the game waned, Oratory Prep was able to score one more goal tying the game at 4 – 4. But sadly, Wayne Valley was able to answer back with one goal in the 3rd quarter. Oratory Prep’s goals were scored by Andrea Fiorenza (Senior Faceoff/Midfielder), Ryan Kenny (Senior Attack), Nick Dossin (Junior Midfielder), and Jonathan deMontagnac (Sophomore Long Stick Midfielder).