Will Donald Trump Peacefully Leave the Oval Office in 2020?

President Donald J. Trump

Image Courtesy of the White House

President Donald J. Trump

Jack Sula, Staff Writer

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Donald Trump has already been shown to be rash, overstepping presidential power, and ignoring standard procedure. He already overstepped his Presidential authority by declaring a National Emergency so that he could get funding for the border wall. This is a clear overstep of his authority as presidents have only called National Emergencies in crises such as 9/11, and President Trump is now degrading the use of edicts. Moreover, many former National Security advisors are denouncing the declaration and lawmakers are attempting to block the National Emergency status. Additionally, he was the first U.S. president to refuse to honor the election results if he lost in 2020. Does this all mean Trump will refuse to relinquish power to the Democrats in 2020?

Trump has already prepared to stay in office in 2020 and has a powerful backing. Trump has criticized the National Media and Intelligence Community, thus weakening their strength and destroying their credibility. Additionally, he has continued to insist on widespread voter fraud throughout the nation. Also, the fact that Russia may continue to interfere in the election is also problematic. Thus, he could justify staying in office if the election results were false. Secondly, by simply sitting in the Oval Office he controls the most powerful military in the world. Finally, Trump also has access to vast private funds to use at his disposal to remain in office. In sum, Trump may be prepared to stay in office whether he wins or loses in the 2020 election because he has made a reason to stay in office and has the power to stay in office.

We cannot predict the future, but we can look at the clues in the present to have an idea of what to expect. As of right now, it is plausible to think Trump may refuse to relinquish power in the election. Furthermore, we should take precautions to prevent Trump from unjustly refusing to leave the Oval Office. Moreover, we need to work hard to prevent Russian interference in the election and reestablish the strength of the Media and Intelligence Agencies. Additionally, guidelines should be made for Trump to peacefully give up power, and to help get America through this possible future crisis.

Trump cannot destroy American democracy. We must prevent him from refusing to give up his power. Trump’s reign will come to an end.