Paintings by Hitler

Image Courtesy of the Guardian

Christopher McAllister, Staff Writer

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One of the most despicable men in human history was, before conducting a major genocide, an artist. Adolf Hitler was a decent artist who later went on to kill more than six million Jewish people. While he was an evil man who deserves to be sent to the darkest circles of hell, he actually applied to art school. Hitler applied to the Vienna School of Arts and the school’s architecture program; both of which rejected him. While I could go on a tangent about how if the Vienna School of Arts had accepted Hitler, WWII wouldn’t have happened and millions of Jewish people would still be alive and go down that rabbit hole, I will spare you the trouble. The reason for this article is primarily the fact that some of Hitler’s works were up for auction recently.

Hitler’s works were up for auction in Nuremberg and they did not sell at all. This has been mostly attributed to the high price tags that ranged from 21k to 50k, starting prices. Now, while it may seem in bad taste to sell these works produced by a monster, they do show off the natural talent Hitler had for painting. The works are actually pretty good, but I’m not an art critic so what do I know. The pieces, if not made by Hitler, would definitely be of much lesser value, but they are some well-produced paintings.

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