Photoshop Amalgamation Tips! — Freaky Example Shown Below

Photoshop Amalgamation Tips! — Freaky Example Shown Below

Paul Topazio , Staff Writer

Ever wanted to make you or your friend simultaneously more handsome? All you need to do is pick and choose some of the best parts, and with a little patchwork, you and your friends can remodel the human image to whatever you choose! Take senior classman Trevor Woitsky for example (Pictured on the right).

With a little photo editing genius and the help of these three fine Oratory gents (Pictured below), one can create the perfect human amalgamation…

Behold! After mere minutes of planning and swapping facial details, a new being is formed. This process takes the best details of any clique, and reworks them through a series of extraordinary transmutations that meet at one converging point… the human body. I dub thy creation “Sahelanthropus,” a name which takes homage from the skeletal remains of what is thought to be mankind’s oldest relative; a figure which represents the primity and sublimity of the potential which all mankind offers.

I know, after seeing such a stunning photo, you must be wondering how to make your own. If you are one of the many students that take one of Mrs. Otterbein’s “digital” classes, participates in her Photography Club on Wednesdays, or simply owns their own adobe licensing to utilize photoshop, then you too can make a monstrosity like this in mere minutes. First, find a photo of your choice that you want to heavily edit (preferably with multiple faces in the photo). Next, boot up photoshop and open up a copy of said image. Then, by selecting parts of a figure with the “patch tool,” one can selectively move body parts and facial extremities with ease and transpose them onto whatever by dragging their cursor onto another object while holding left click and then releasing. Then, if any parts of the image look blurry or too sharp, one can use the blur tool or sharpen tool to work out the kinks of their masterpiece.