What has this Junior Year been like?

Jack Sula, Staff Writer

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The past five months have gone by so fast as we have immersed ourselves back into the school and the challenges of junior year. We have faced new challenges with our first APs along with the ACTs and SATs, but we have fallen back on our classmates for support. Additionally, we have enjoyed our new classes and new teachers. Overall, this first part of the 2018-2019 school year has been great.

This school year’s academics have been rather challenging; The numerous kids who have compared calculus classes or the look of defeat on kids’ faces after they walk out of an Ethics or Math test. Yet, our academics seem to fall second to the discussion of PSAT and our actual standardized testing scores; the days before the scores are released everyone is talking about how they think they do. Finally, when the scores are released, it is an intense competition to see who you did better than. The words of Sudyut Sinha, ”I’m the best,” display everyone’s desire to be number one.

This school year, although it has been challenging, has been rather fun; Countless jokes about statements made by Mr. Gordon in Ethics, talk about the countless pairs of shoes Mr. Blauner has. Most importantly, Migalan’s frequent and random barks in class. Additionally, there were many funny moments made this year in lunch and during school events. We all laughed with people during class wars and continued laughing about embarrassing things we have done in the past.

In conclusion, junior year has been hard but also fun. We hope to have a good Christmas break and rest of the year. Hopefully, the second half is easier than the first two quarters, but that’s doubtful. Let’s make 2019 great!