Top 10 Christmas Songs

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Cole Noss, Staff Writer

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These are the top 10 greatest Christmas songs of all time. Each one perfect in their own way, but by the end of this list, only one can stand as the superior Christmas song.


10. Sleigh Ride

A classic for any band kid. From my man James Kim boppin’ on the trumpet making horse noises to the percussion kid in the back just clappin’ the wood blocks like his life depends on it, any staple band kid is aware of its classic ring.

9. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree combines all the classic smoothness of regular Christmas music, with the rock-and-roll of the 80s. It really coaxes the ear muscles into a higher state of enjoyment and makes any Christmas party into a Christmas rave.

8. White Christmas

Apparently, this is one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time, but I disagree.

7. Last Christmas

This absolute beast of a song is an iconic 70s twist on your standard Christmas medley. The synthetic piano in the back provides an inviting tone coupled with the silky smooths s’s of Wham! The words “Christmas” and “Special” really worm their way into your ear.

6. Jingle Bell Rock

Honestly, just Jingle Bells with some rock, the fact that its Jingle Bells is the only reason it’s up so high.

5. Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is an absolute unit of a song. With a 50% mix of Jingle and a 75% mix of Bells, it fully satisfied all of your Christmas needs.

4. Carol of the Bells

This song is Jingle Bells with better beats, double the bells, and a cute angelic voice to really lure you into the Christmas Spirit. With a total 125% bells, 35% beats, and a solid 69% vocals, this song gets a solid 9/10.

3. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

I don’t know why this maple syrup sounding baritone man drags on the Grinch for a full 2 minutes and 56 seconds, but he does a near perfect job. Shoutout to my 7th-grade band teacher Mr. Toomey for absolutely killing his portrayal of the narrator.

2. Baby, it’s Cold Outside

A classic song about defining gender roles and letting women be freer during the Roaring 20s (as is one of the analyses given recent controversy). Sweet lines and endearing harmonies really rope you into singing the chorus over and over again.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You

I mean.. How much more do I need to say? Besides Mariah Carey’s lip-syncing incident, the song is a classic that has stood the test of time.

0. Dominic the Donkey

Numba 0! This absolute bop of a song takes the top for best song ever. Not even the best Christmas song, Dominic the Donkey is in a tier of its own. The sheer emotion behind each “yee-haw” truly conveys the emotion that Lou Monte poured into the song. The bells in the background give tempo but they don’t even begin to slow down your beating heart as the dance gets more and more invigorating. Without a doubt 8/8 absolute banger of a song.

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