State-Run News Controversy


Photo Courtesy of Committed Conservative

Jack Sula, Staff Writer

This Monday, Trump suggested that the U.S. should form a statewide media group to give the “proper” picture of the U.S. Trump argues that CNN is uncontested worldwide and provides news and portrays the U.S., in his own words, as “false and an unfair way.” The president stated, “something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own worldwide network to show the world the way we really are, GREAT!”

The concept of a nation run media is a highly controversial topic. Nation run media seems threatening as it often depicts propaganda and is heavily controlled and regulated by the government; simply it is associated with regimes such as North Korea, who censor and control the news. Furthermore, the state-run media is a threat to our first amendment right. Although there currently exists a state media known as the Voice of America, it is not widely known by people and does not receive vast funding.

Some people may see this as an attempt by Trump to take down CNN, a company he has frequently described as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.” Trump is known as a deep conservative and dislikes the relatively liberal perspective of CNN (as depicted as the graph below).

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It is feasible to infer that Trump may simply want the world to see a conservative perspective instead of a liberal one. Simply, it would be an idea for a neutral perspective to be the major international news distributor for information about America.

In conclusion, a state-run media program would need to be neutral and heavily regulated. It should not spit up propaganda, but the true facts. It should not favor or controlled either party, but be in between and controlled by both. I may be in favor of some form of state media, but the question is are you?