The Omega: Behind the Scenes

The Omega: Behind the Scenes

Image Courtesy of the Oratory Prep Omega

Michael Finnen, Staff Writer

Every day, there is a club which works tirelessly to provide Oratory with the news it needs. This article will serve as an informational article about the inner workings of this club: The Omega.

If you like to write and have heard about the Omega but have not joined, I highly suggest you give it a try. The Omega meets every Tuesday morning at 7:35. What can you expect from a typical Omega meeting? The two teachers who run the club, Mr. McCrystal and Mrs. Gribbin, both help come up with new ideas for articles (This article is from a promise I made to Mrs. Gribbin that I would write a school-related article). Cole Noss often comes in with his expired chocolate milk and promptly spills it on the floor. The meetings are very enjoyable, and I always look forward to going and hanging out in the morning.

Writing for the Omega, I have found that the club does have a lot of members, each of whom writes about entirely different subjects. It feels like an actual newspaper with staff. Chris Uustal writes about technology, Jack Coyne writes about his trademark death metal, and James Kim writes often about Oratory Sports. There are countless examples like this, and the Omega is full of varied and interesting articles because of this.

If you do not know, the Omega has a YouTube Channel. Searching up “Oratory Prep Omega” will find you your result. This channel features interviews run by Paul Topazio, highlights from previous school events, and even a very interesting biography on Jack Mogen. Sadly, this channel is not very well known. Hopefully, this article has alerted you that this channel does in fact exist.

Thank you for reading this article (not at all propaganda). Hopefully, it has informed you about the club that brings you your news. If you enjoy some good Mrs. Gribbin sarcasm and admire the Mr. McCrystal beard, I suggest you consider joining the club. Even though I am a new member, I still have had a very enjoyable experience writing thus far, and I think that others could too, if they give it a chance.