Middle School Soccer with Mr. Kaounis

Mr. Kaounis

Photo Credits to: https://bit.ly/2OBZ1mN

Mr. Kaounis

Connor McDermott, Staff Writer

This week I was able to talk to the middle school soccer coach, Mr. Kaounis about their most recent season and what he thought were the ups and downs.


Q: What were your first thoughts of your team this year?

A: We were young and had a lot of new faces.


Q: What is your favorite part of coaching?

A: Getting to know the kids and their personalities outside the classroom.


Q: How was the season?

A: It had its ups and downs and we improved over the course of the year.


Q: How was the last game?

A: Tough we lost 6-0. The guys showed tremendous effort. Some guys wanted to volunteer for new positions.


Q: How do you think the team improved over the course of the season?

A: We did a good job learning about spacing on the field and about the game of soccer.


Q: Do you have goals for next season?

A: The turnover is always drastic. One year we could be terrible and another year we could be great. It is always a matter of improving the team and each individual.


We’ll have to see what Coach Kaounis has in store for us as he suits up as the middle school basketball coach during the winter.