Interview With the New Lead Ram: Matt Clarke

Interview With the New Lead Ram: Matt Clarke

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Adinaro

Christopher Adinaro, Staff Writer

Last week I interviewed our new Freshman Lead Ram, Matthew Clarke, about his views on his position. I asked relatively easy questions to see how he would respond to them and to keep this nice and short. Overall, I would say that he did well and that he is a suitable student to be Lead Ram for Oratory Prep’s freshman class. Below are the questions I asked him regarding why he wanted to run for Lead Ram and what his goals for his term are.


How do you feel about winning the election?

  • “I’m feeling really happy. I feel like I can help the student body a lot. I feel like I can be part of the student body and activities. I can help out more with student activities.”


What is your reason for taking this position?

  • “I wanted to help out the school more because it [Oratory] helped me a lot.”


Did anyone inspire you to take office?

  • “My uncle was a judge, so he controls the room a lot and has a form of leadership which I thought was cool and I wanted to feel [the same sense of leadership]. I hoped that I could make it, and follow him.”


What are three of your current short-time goals?

“Get [more] students out to the games.”

“Make sure that the students are happy with Oratory.”

“Make sure that we [Freshman Year] do more grade activities.”


What are your aspirations for the entirety of your term?

  • “My long-term goals are to make sure that the students [Freshmen] here make memories, as high school is one of the most important times of our lives.”


What are your thoughts on the student body as a whole?

  • “I think that  they’re doing a good job, but I could help them with [more] activities.”