Three Takeaways from First Quarter for Seniors

Joseph Meade, Staff Writer

Going into senior year, I heard many rumors about the infamous first quarter. One filled with college applications, visits, and of course the rigorous course load of a demanding academic institution. For years I have heard about the infamous November 1st, the application deadline day for many schools. Many in other grades have asked me what this time frame is like while living it. So I decided I’d make a list to summarize.

  1. Yes, lots of stress – Sadly, this is very true. Writing and revising essays to perfection is not only tedious but it is also stressful. Not only is this process stressful, so is the balancing act. The balancing act means juggling the admissions process, your coursework, and your extra-curriculars. If you think the balancing act is over in June of your junior year, think again and brace yourself.
  2. The Early Bird Gets the Worm – To be very clear, I procrastinate a lot and I will never be credible enough to criticize one. With that said, procrastination in this quarter is not a fun thing. It is common knowledge that the last week of the quarter will be filled with tests and papers. But for some seniors, this also includes their applications. As the deadline for many schools is November 1st, many scramble which leads to boatloads of stress for them. On the other hand, the people who completed this are in harmony.
  3. Light at the end – Speaking as someone who finished their applications, the feeling of sending in your last application is a truly liberating feeling. Not to get too cheesy, it is like the end of every Rocky movie where he raises his hands high. The weight lifted off your shoulders makes you feel free again. You can finally go back to your normal routine.