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How to write a Research Paper

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How to write a Research Paper

Jacob Cordeiro, Staff Writer

A majority of Oratory sophomores take research paper class and it’s only a single-quarter course. Students are only required to write one paper the entire quarter, which must be no less than five pages and a maximum of seven. Mrs. Gribbin is the teacher and she guides students through the process of writing a research paper. Everyone focuses on using MLA format properly and providing enough information to support their thesis statements.


Every couple of classes or so, there’s a new assignment regarding a step in writing the paper. First, a topic must be chosen and preliminary research done. Students take into account if there’s enough information for their topic and whether or not it’s significant. Also, no one wants to write a paper on something they’re not interested in, so each student chooses wisely. Second, a well pieced together thesis statement is formulated, informing readers of the topic, argument, and reasoning behind their thoughts. Third, source cards are created and this is where students begin to research information and cite sources. Fourth, outlines are made, which help to develop the writing and allow the writer to discover what order certain talking points should be discussed. Next, rough drafts of papers are written up, and students are required to have people peer edit their work. Finally, everything seems to come together as the final paper is handed in with revised writing and a Works Cited.


Research Paper gives students assistance and tips on how to use correct MLA format and formulate structured writing. The course only makes life easier for students in the future.