Saint Philip Neri Club October Updates

Jacob Cordeiro, Staff Writer

With the first quarter of the school year soon coming to an end, students are finding more interests and as a result, are joining new clubs. One of Oratory’s most popular clubs is the Saint Philip Neri Club and it currently consists of nearly 70 students moderated by Mrs. Michalski. Last year, the Saint Philip Neri Club was honored by Catholic Relief Services as a Gold Medal High School following up on the winning of the Jefferson Service Award in 2017. As a result, its standards were set extremely high and the club not only began opening opportunities for volunteer work but for leadership as well.


The club is continuing some of the service projects they worked on last year. Right now, bracelets are being sold for $2 each and all the proceeds will be distributed to Breast Cancer Awareness organizations. Additionally, various types of chocolate bars are being sold for $2 each and the money will be donated to causes fighting against child slave labor. You can purchase these items during CWP and or you can see members of certain Saint Philip Neri committees. Furthermore, at the very start of November, for several days, the club will be collecting any Halloween candy which will then be handed to U.S military veterans.


The Saint Philip Neri Club’s main goal is to make a huge difference in the world and if you’re looking to be a leader, it’s a great group to be a part of.