2018 Oratory Prep Talent Show

2018 Oratory Prep Talent Show

Photo Credits to: https://bit.ly/2CtadQm

Connor McDermott, Staff Writer

Oratory’s 2018 spirit week has come and gone but it went out with some great acts by our fellow Rams here at Oratory. There were many acts ranging from comedy stories to just a game of ping pong. We had many interesting acts this year with the return of Nick Villa’s yo-yo routine and this time, he upped the ante by attempting to throw two yoyos and catch them while continuing with the show. Another group of students and Mr. Marsh reviewed some authentic Italian cuisine.

Another popular talent that students had was singing. The whole school got to learn about some of our Oratory bands. One band played a classic tune called Stacy’s Mom. Another group performed a crowd rifting performance of the song Sherry. It was a performance so good that someone ended it early. A student named Chris Adinaro performed the F.U.N. song from Spongebob on his ukelele and even improvised his own verse.

And then there were our best performers. In third place, we had the incredible Justin Oei performing a solo of The Major general’s song that was truly amazing in the way that he was able to sing so fast. In second place we had a duet by Graham Hamilton and Jack Hillebrecht singing the song Agony. They both delivered the song in such a gifted way that they made the whole room feel like they were watching a Broadway musical. And finally, our first place winner was Conall Gorman who performed a song on his guitar and sang it at the same time. All together we had a very terrific talent show this year and cannot see what acts await us next year.