A Poem About Procrastination

A Poem About Procrastination

Photo Courtesy of NJ Life Hacks

Christopher Adinaro, Staff Writer

The deadline is nearing and my brain is starting.

My thoughts come together as the fog lifts like water parting.

The work I put off is building up,

But fun’s around the corner like a golden cup,

Distractions all around,

Like the flowers on the ground.

I put my work off for a moment of fun,

But in the heat of the moment, I find myself on the run.


Looking for a reason not to work

My brain starts to go berserk.

Breaking down, I look for the light,

I’m like a bird in flight.

As I disappear into the abyss,

I start to reminisce

About when I didn’t have to worry,

And I could get my work done in a hurry,

But it doesn’t matter now,

As I take my final bow.


So thank you procrastination

For making me feel such a deep feeling of desperation,

For making me cram days of work into hours.

Now I just want to lie down in a bed of flowers

To shut off all the anxiety and stress

And just lie here upon my mess.