An Interview with OP Cross Country Runner Thomas Lamonte

Jacob Cordeiro, Staff Writer

Recently, I caught up with fellow sophomore Thomas Lamonte of the Cross Country team. This is his first year at Oratory as he just transferred in from Seton Hall. I have a couple classes with him and got the chance to ask him a few questions regarding the Cross Country team.


Jacob- Does the team have any objectives they look to achieve before the end of the season?

Tom- Yes:

  1. Win Catholics (again)
  2. Win the Mountain Conference (for the first time)
  3. Place top 3 in Union County
  4. Top 12 running under 18 minutes
  5. Top 7 running under 17 minutes
  6. Everyone running under 22 minutes with a team average of 19:30
  7. Beat Summit
  8. NEVER lose down the chute, NEVER cut corners, NEVER walk
  9. ALWAYS stay healthy, ALWAYS hydrate, ALWAYS eat well, ALWAYS sleep well


Jacob- Have you set any personal goals that you want to accomplish?

Tom- I want to run sub 19. My best this season is a 19:29.


Jacob- How many meets are left for the team to compete in?

Tom- There are four meets remaining for JV, while Varsity has more than four races left. Our next meet takes place this Friday at the Greystone Invitational.


Jacob- What helps you prepare the most for a meet?

Tom- Showing up on time, and I like to hydrate until my race begins.