Senior Priviledges


Christopher Ocker, Staff Writer

After working hard for three years of high school, the senior class of Oratory gets to experience the pleasures of senior privileges. Many students already know and envy some of these privileges, such as being able to use the Senior Lounge and having their own exclusive line at lunch. However, the class of 2019 has come up with their own suggestions for what senior privileges should be available to them this year.

When I started my search for what new senior privileges should be, I noticed that there were a couple of common ideas. There were about a dozen people that voted for having a coffee machine that seniors could use in the cafeteria. There were also several seniors who suggested being able to leave campus for lunch (most likely just for Magic Fountain, though).

Of course, those privileges are not very viable. These next few are much more realistic in expectation. For instance, one senior (who chooses to remain anonymous) suggested renaming senior privileges to Gregory Lion Privileges that only apply to students with the first name Gregory and the last name Lion. Trevor Woitsky gave a very detailed suggestion for another Senior Lounge where “seniors can have naps on comfy cots with ambient jungle music and scented candles.” Others were a little more simplistic, such as Santiago Cortes who is asking for “free stuff”.

There were also several selections of privileges similar to one another. Aidan Jones asked if pigs could be used as transportation between DeGaeta and Bain, while Austin Esteves thought segways were a much better option. Jack Hilbrecht wanted force fields to be placed around senior cars so he doesn’t hit anyone’s car. There was also a suggestion by Luciano Betman asking to park his car in the DeGaeta hallways. “I should have the right to pull my Jeep into the hallway and leave it there all day,” he said. “After all, we all know how big that lobby is.”

It is unknown right now if any of these suggestions have been brought to Mr. McGowan. However, underclassmen should be prepared because David Shevchuk is adamant about having everyone below juniors address him as “sir” (which would be punishable by detention). Just remember that you too will get these rewards once you become a senior.