An Interview with Student Council President Drew St.Amant


James Pavlik, Staff Contributor

Drew St.Amant, many students only know him as Student Council president, the kid that speaks in front of the school during an assembly or the kid that started the fishing club, but who really is Drew St.Amant? I sought to give people a very slight glimpse into who Drew is as an individual and not just as the student council president. I first started with nice and simple “favorite thing” questions to get a gauge of who Drew is on the surface, the first question I asked him was what was his favorite movie and why this movie was his favorite. Drew’s favorite movie is Cars 3 and his reasoning as to why Cars 3 is his favorite movie is “The combination of video cameras and laser beams is out of this world.” This made me feel as though Drew is a child at heart, he is not overly demanding of what he wants out of a movie, all he wants is an enjoyable experience with notable moments and in this case, it was the many different camera angles and the “laser beams”. The next question I asked Drew was what his favorite movie genre was. After hearing what his favorite movie was I thought that his favorite genre would be something to do with this movie; however, to my surprise he had told me that his favorite movie genre is Comedy/Italian Mob movies. His reasoning behind this was rather simple, he likes the movies because he seems to always be enthralled by the story that the movie is portraying. The third question I asked him was what his favorite subject in school was, to no surprise, he replied with environmental science. The last “favorite thing” question I asked him was who his favorite teacher at Oratory was, his reply was short and simple, he said that his favorite teacher at Oratory is Mrs. Pasnik when prompted with why he responded with “She is my mother.” No wonder why environmental science is his favorite subject.

After getting through the sort of icebreaker questions, we started to get into questions with a little bit more meaning behind them. The next question I asked Drew was who he has looked up to in his life, he responded by saying that he has looked up to his grandfather. His response was not much of a shocker as it is sort of commonplace to look up to one’s elders in today’s world. The next question posed was what it is like being a part of the student council, this was asked to get a better understanding, not just for myself, but for those in the younger grades who may feel like running for student council in the future to get a slightly better idea of what the look forward to. He responded by saying that he finds student council to be “very exciting and fun” as he likes to help plan and set up for the school-wide events, maybe this gives Drew a sense of accomplishment when the students like the events planned or maybe he just likes to be a part of the behind the scenes parts of events, who knows for sure. He went on to say that it helps him to feel more connected with the school and the class as a whole as they can use him as a proxy to propose ideas at student council meetings if they really want something to happen.

The last few questions I asked were hypotheticals because I believe that you can judge a person based on how they would go about certain situations. The first hypothetical I proposed to Drew was “If you could go back in time and meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?” He responded with “Aristotle so I could’ve gotten a better grade in Mr. Gordon’s class.” This is a feeling that most seniors can relate to, and most students will relate to once they have Mr. Gordon for Ethics and Philosophy in their junior year. The last question I asked Drew was “If you could freeze time for an hour, what would you do?” Drew had two replies to this questions, first off he said that he would sleep, an answer most of us can get behind, and his second answer, going off of how the question was asking if he could freeze time rather than if he could stop time, was that he would start a snow cone business with Nick Sannito.

All in all, I think that Drew is a decently interesting individual with a great personality. He is not just the student council president, he is also the kid who enjoys movies such as Cars 3. He shares views with many of his fellow classmates on subjects we can all relate to and understand.