Frozen Broadway Musical Review


Christopher Ocker, Staff Writer

Without a doubt, Frozen has become a massive success for Disney. Regardless of your opinion of the movie, it has become a cultural phenomenon. Following The Lion King and Aladdin, it is also the latest Disney musical to receive a Broadway adaptation. Unfortunately though, Frozen the Musical fails to make the same lasting impact that the animated version did.

If you were someone who already disliked Frozen, there is not much that the Broadway show will do to change your mind. The main reason for this is because the story itself remains unaltered. And when I say unaltered, I mean that 90% of the script is taken directly from the movie. There are almost no new jokes, the characters interact in the exact same ways, and there are no extra story beats that change the narrative. The only real exception is Hans who is integrated into the story slightly more but that is a minute change. If you have no desire to experience the story, then there is practically no reason to go see Frozen.

Even if you were someone who loved the original movie, like me, there is barely any new content here that will reinvigorate the same magic. For one, there are only a few new songs created for this version but only “Monster” and “Hygge” are memorable; the rest are either forgettable or add nothing to the story. The actors and actresses do serviceable jobs but they all seem to just be imitating the source material instead of trying to reinvent the characters. John Riddle as Kristoff is the only one who brings the character in new directions, and some of that is due to an extra song he is given. The only aspect that the Broadway show adds is practical, on-stage effects. There are some moments that are heightened by these effects and even some mundane scenes from the movie are made much more entertaining. However, compared to Spongebob or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (both of which predate Frozen), none of the effects were really groundbreaking, creative, or breathtaking. That is not to say they are bad, rather they are not worth the price of admission, unlike the former.

Frozen on Broadway is a perfectly average show to see. However, that is just the issue. With a name as big and worn out as Frozen, the show does not deliver on the quality that makes it worth seeing. In an age where Spongebob, Aladdin, and other big names have Broadway musicals that have surpassed their source material, Frozen fails to distinguish itself as an animated masterpiece. Personally, I would recommend listening to the new soundtrack and then watching the 2013 movie; it’s cheaper and you get the same exact overall content.


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