Oratory’s Opinion: Avengers Infinity War


Christopher Ocker, Staff Writer



Avengers: Infinity War has been sweeping the box office for the past 3 weeks. A poll was recently sent out to the Oratory students to gather the school’s consensus as to how the latest entry to the MCU was received.

It turns out Infinity War is a hit at Oratory. The movie was given an average score of 4.3 out of 5, with almost half of the school rating it as a 5. There was also a huge consensus on Thanos, with over 70% of students loving him as a villain (or as a protagonist in some instances). This is hardly surprising data, though, since 95% of people said they were a Marvel fan, to some extent. There was also a huge spread of opinions on favorite and least favorite moments. Most people’s favorite moments were Thor arriving on Wakanda during the epic finale and “Why is Gamora.” There were also a huge number of people who hated Star-Lord losing his cool during the fight on Titan, almost single-handedly losing the fight.

By far the most interesting of results was the opinions regarding the movie’s ending. Thanos snapping away half the universe was liked by around 42% of the students. However, there was an equally high result of people not liking the ending because they know most of the characters are not truly dead. Indeed, many of the “dusted” heroes have future sequels in the works and most of the surviving Avengers have expiring contracts. Regarding those deaths, there were clear standouts that broke people’s hearts. The top 3 saddest deaths went to Spider-Man (68%), Loki (58%), and Groot (53%). Other high contenders were Black Panther, Gamora, Doctor Strange, and Bucky, all getting above 30%.

Finally, many are looking forward to what will happen in the future of the MCU, with over 60% being excited for Avenger 4. There are also plenty of theories regarding what is going to happen in the next movie. By far the most popular theories involved Doctor Strange’s “Endgame” with the Time Stone and Captain Marvel. There were also many people who believe the snap victims are contained inside the Soul Stone. However, until the release of the finale of Infinity War in 2019, we can only wait and see.


Photo Credit: Screenrant.com