Meet the New Editor: Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos

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Meet the New Editor: Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos

Justin Oei, Staff Writer

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As the Omega bade farewell to its two intrepid editors, Will and Addison, we welcomed two rising juniors, Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos and Luke Bernstein to assume their duties. Both have been dedicated staff members of the Omega for the last two years and come with significant experience in their new roles. This week, I interviewed Daniel about his thoughts on his new position.

  1. What inspired you to join the Omega as a Freshman last year? What’s been the best part so far?
    I had been part of the school publication at my middle school and I enjoyed the experience. As a freshman [sic], I saw the Omega as a way to write freely about any subject I wanted, which I really liked. Students should be encouraged and excited to be able to express their opinions on this platform.
  2. What are your goals for the Omega staff (and you as a newly minted leader) for the next year?
    One of my goals is to try to increase the number of articles Luke and I receive every week. Additionally, I think it is important to better advertise the Omega in order to improve readership. 
  3. If you had to say three things to Addison about his time as editor, what would they be?
    Addison was an amazing editor, and the Omega benefited greatly from his participation. He was attentive, responsible, and a good leader who knew how to communicate with his staff. 
  4. You are about to embark on two years of reading the work of teenage males, a demographic that’s not known for their mastery of written English. So, what peeves you most about grammar mistakes (or at least obvious ones)?
    It really does bother me when people finish their sentence with prepositions. Prepositions are never articles to end a sentence with (pun).
  5. Finally, if Mr. McCrystal had to choose one famous beard to model his own upon, whose should he choose…and why? Mr. McCrystal should model his beard after King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy. The beard is there, he would just have to change his mustache.


Photo Credits to Justin Oei

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