A Silent Place Review


Paul Topazio , Staff Writer

As one of the most recent horror films to hit theaters, “A Quiet Place” offers plenty of shocks and scares in a way that many movies preceding it have failed to do. Unlike many traditional scary stories, this film—written and produced by John Krasinski (Pictured below)—invites the audience to participate in the developing suspense, as moviegoers are forced to remain as quiet as possible to match the near constant silence of the actors. Tension is constantly building while the story unfolds, as the smallest sounds appear to attract the monsters of whom the main characters live in perpetual fear. This persistent fear is cleverly introduced and explained as the story first unfolds. Within moments of introducing the main characters—a family of five—the audience is left with innumerable clues, alluding to the nature of the dangers that haunt them. An instant realization of these horrors is forced upon the audience, as the youngest of the family grabs ahold of a toy which begins to squeal with lights and sirens…

Overall, the movie has very few jump-scares and little to no gore, but effectively relies on a visual style of storytelling and building suspense to create an awesome horror movie.


Photo Credits to Business Insider