“The Shot”

Joe Meade, Staff Writer

While the title may lead you to believe that this is a sports related article, it is one of pure agony and awkwardness. Although you may have noticed me slouching around and walking awkwardly in the hall on Monday while grabbing my left arm, you may not have known that I had gotten a shot two hours earlier. As most of you know, the hours right after getting a shot are pure agony for whatever arm it was given to. To make matters worse, I was going to a place where some greetings involve a nice pat on the shoulder or arm area. As I walked into school, I knew I had to avoid people who patted me on the shoulder and that stating my new weakness would be a provocation. The first part of our story is after second period and heading to lunch. As I came down the DeGaeta stairway, I saw a whole herd of people that I knew. I immediately turned around and headed back upstairs only to see another pack of people. At this point, I had to pick my poison, so I decided to go back down the stairs because it was a group of freshmen as opposed to a big group of juniors and seniors. I shrugged and avoided eye contact as much as humanly possible until I was down the stairs. I raised my arms in triumph only to be greeted by a shoulder pat from one of my friends. In a split second, I had gone from pure triumph to agony. Sadly, this trend continued for the rest of the day and my arm was in pure pain. While many believe being friendly is a trait that brings no downsides, I believe I can say that this scenario is one downside.

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