Exploration of “Not the Onion” Subreddit

Christopher McAllister, Staff Writer

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The Subreddit r/nottheonion is an excellent place to explore. In the simplest terms, it is articles that sound like they should be on The Onion, but they are in fact truthful. Some of my favorites in my 10 minute investigation include a trained bear giving a soccer ref the ball to start a soccer game in Russia, a Crimean airport offering flights to Coruscant (Yes, the Star Wars planet), Eminem’s pop-up restaurant at Coachella serving his Mom’s Spaghetti, kids who skipped school to see the Cubs opener and ran into their principal who also skipped, and finally a leaked Apple memo telling employees to stop leaking info. The articles range from unbelievable to extremely silly with most being a combination of both. There is a certain kind of beauty that comes with viewing the subreddit; it is a bit of laughing at humanity while simultaneously loving what you found this article. This can be an excellent way to cheer yourself up after an awful day by finding something to laugh at and learn about.

While it is definitely the most serious place in the world, I’d rate this subreddit 7.8/8, Too Much Water.

Photo Credit: Twitter