The One Class Theory

Joe Meade, Staff Writer

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Before I begin, I would like to say that I am no philosopher nor a certified genius. However, I believe I can point out a theory that explains a common burden upon many Oratory students’ shoulders. While this can be labeled many different ways, I believe the one class theory is the best way to describe it. The theory entails that when you have your most challenging class on one day, the rest of your grades that day could drop if you do not plan accordingly. This is because one will spend copious amounts of time on one subject while barely touching the others. Even though it is entirely possible to touch the other three subjects one has on that day, the person will likely be exhausted or out of study mode. Even if they are in study mode, being able to effectively do the work is nearly impossible after one has given 100% in their hardest subject. Many of Oratory students including myself have fell victim to this theory and are looking for a solution. For me, it was touching upon the hard subject in a manageable amount of time every night to get the concepts piece by piece. I would then attend to the subjects in terms of when my next test or quiz would be, with the most pressing subject being my priority. To conclude, I think this theory is a quiet yet deadly reality for a student to experience but with the right strategy, you can free yourself from its burdens.

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