Jay Gatsby: The Worst Example of the Friendzone

Christopher McAllister, Staff Writer

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The Friendzone is a place of no return in which many guys have found themselves. It is a well known fact that the odds of getting out of the friendzone are 0.00000000000000001%. These odds are attempted to be beaten by the mad lad himself, Jay Gatsby. His illustrious lifestyle and the way he flaunts money were well documented in the book, The Great Gatsby,  and he does all of these things for Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is a girl who was born wealthy and, at one moment in time, loved Gatsby. However, she married Tom Buchanan, a much wealthier suitor which would give more benefits to Daisy’s parents. Gatsby’s lavish parties and lifestyle are all in the hope that Gatsby can get a married women to drop everything and be with him. The severe impossibility that it would happen should’ve been a sign to Gatsby to give up. However, he doesn’t, and for an entire summer he thinks he is making progress, but Daisy is lazy and doesn’t want to fight anyone who says something is best for her. This ends with Daisy murdering Myrtle, the women who Tom had an affair with, and saying Gatsby did it. This results in Gatsby’s being killed by a crazed man who wanted to avenge his wife’s death. The moral of this article is to realize when you have hit the friendzone and then get out of there as fast as humanly possible as it can spiral into a similar situation presented in The Great Gatsby.

Photo Credit: Capital FM Kenya