Fed Challenge’s Final Preparations

Fed Challenge's Final Preparations

Joe Meade, Staff Writer

Not only is this week the start of the NCAA Tournament, but it is also the FED Challenge’s most important part of the year. This is because this is the week where the team of 5 presenters will present to the professional economists. The five presenters are Ian Moore, Mike Urbinato, Sean Vowells, Joe Meade, and Pat Heffernan. The team is headed by moderator Mr.Gaertner, and the group has been preparing for this big day, Monday, March 19th, for months. The team’s goal is to create an effective presentation that argues what the Federal Reserve should do in terms of interest rates. The team has to use multiple economic indicators to prove their point during their 12-minute presentation. After their presentation, the economists will field questions to the team for another 12 minutes. This all takes place at the granddaddy of all banks: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The team’s fate will be determined by the panel of professional economists. Overall, they will judge the team’s evidence, reasoning, and overall argument. The anticipation to March 19th is growing because all madness occurs in March.

Photo Credit: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/news/federal-reserve/