Juniors and Presidents’ Day Weekend

Juniors and Presidents' Day Weekend

Joe Meade, Staff Writer

As Presidents’ Day Weekend comes to a close, many are returning from long vacations or winding down from a long stay at home. I say the word ‘many’ intentionally because some juniors had to sacrifice their long weekend for their future, visiting colleges over the long weekend. While most colleges have tours once or twice a week, they are hard to get to with the grueling schedule of junior year. Long weekends such as the past one, allow some juniors to go out of state and tour not just one college but two or three. In fact, at the airport, I met two people who were not from Oratory who were also going on multiple college tours. Throughout the weekend, many of my fellow classmates, while still excited about college, claimed that next year would be the best Presidents’ Day weekend ever because they knew they would not have to be in the same situation as the present year. To many, the weekend marked the last big hurrah before Spring Break. However, since it’s junior year, Spring Break will include even more college visits!

Photo Credit: https://www.dailybreeze.com/2017/02/17/whats-closed-in-the-south-bay-on-presidents-day-feb-20-2017/