What OP Guys Think of Fortnite

What OP Guys Think of Fortnite

Addison Drone, Editor


Fortnite is the new up-and-coming video game. Available on PS4, XBox, and PC, it presents ample opportunities to play with many coming to love its Battle Royale game mode. Here, 100 players land on a map in a free-for-all battle. The game ends when only one person or group remains, depending on whether the game mode is solo, duos, or squads (of four). Throughout the game, players will pick up guns, ammo, protective shields, grenades, bandages/med kits, and a variety of other items. A key factor in Fortnite is the power of gathering resources of wood, stone, and steel and building forts that provide a place of cover and also a high vantage point for clean shots. It is more than a war game; there is much strategy involved as the “storm” closes, forcing players into smaller and smaller regions of the map which promotes more fighting and eliminations. With all this game has to offer and a strong following within the Oratory community, I looked to ask some kids on their thoughts on the game. Make sure to discount Will Logerfo’s responses.


Q: What makes Fortnite so enjoyable and fun to play?

Mark Miyashiro: The bond created when you win a squad match is unparalleled

Sam Ilagan: The thrill of playing against other people is unprecedented.

Patrick Tobin: I love running around, trying to hear a chest. Then you find a chest and hope you get a scar, and then you get that scar you are super happy. Even though I haven’t won a Victory Royale yet, it’s still a very fun game. Very addicting.

Thomas Snyder: The thrill. The gambling of looting that extra chest and trying to find something good. It is referred to as an opportunity cost.

John McCarthy: The feeling of flying through the sky before landing on the ground and shooting people.

Nick DeMarinis: I always want to get more wins because I do no have that many. Practicing will hopefully get me more wins someday.

Eric Rhines: Playing with your friends and beating everyone else is the best.

Jake Noss: When you and your friend get your first win, the bond made is incredible.

Pete Skinner: I get to play with my friends!

Will Logerfo: I have never played, nor will I ever play Fortnite.


Q: Who do you play with? How is the team dynamic?

Mark Miyashiro: I play with Ruben… I basically carry the team

Sam Ilagan: I play with my friends. We talk to each other and plan out where we want to go and how to win the game.

Patrick Tobin: I play with Addison. We are still trying to get that dub together. He has won on his own. We have great chemistry, but I am not as skilled.

Thomas Snyder: I play with John and Colin. John and I do most of the heavy lifting while Colin usually goes off and gets killed.

John McCarthy: I play with Thomas and Colin. Me and Colin do most of the heavy lifting. Thomas claims he is good while shooting at the sky.

Nick DeMarinis: I play with Jack Reilly, Sean Vowells, and Almeida. We usually get a win every sequence we play. The team chemistry is not always there.

Eric Rhines: I play with Jack Reilly and Sean Vowells. Sean is absolute trash.

Jake Noss: I play with Will Mainente, Jack Munro and James Bowe. Together we all have the skills of 1 players

Pete Skinner: I play with my friends. Who else would I play with?

Will Logerfo: I play with no one.


Q: Where is your favorite place to land?

Mark Miyashiro: Either the prison by Moisty Mire or Flush Factory

Sam Ilagan: Tilted Towers!

Patrick Tobin: Either Lonely Lodge or Moisty Mire

Thomas Snyder: Because of the new update, I would say Haunted Hills

John McCarthy: Haunted Hills.

Nick DeMarinis: The motel between Junk Junction and Anarchy Acres.

Eric Rhines: Usually I go with Snobby Shores.

Jake Noss: Definitely Loot Lake.

Pete Skinner: It depends where the bus comes in from

Will Logerfo: Earth.


Q: What is your end of game strategy?

Mark Miyashiro: Listen for shots fired, move in after the shots end

Sam Ilagan: Build a base, usually a very tall one. Then, I look at my terrain and kill people.

Patrick Tobin: I don’t get to the end of the game.

Thomas Snyder: Launch pad behind them and pull out the shotgun. I’ve never been able to pull it off.

John McCarthy: You run in, ignoring the people shooting at you. Then you duck behind them and shoot at them.

Nick DeMarinis: Make sure we have a nice size base. You always have to have some explosives. If you have the numbers, rush the person that does not have the numbers.

Eric Rhines: Base up and kill everybody.

Jake Noss: Hunker down and hope the other guys are worse than you.

Pete Skinner: build a base and shoot people

Will Logerfo: Win, probably.


Q: Do you have any advice for newcomers or pro-tips for better results?

Mark Miyashiro: Always learn from a veteran. Starting out as a rookie while playing with another rookie will end tragically.

Sam Ilagan: Camp and you will win.

Patrick Tobin: Practice makes you better. You need to devote lots of time to the sport if you want to get better. You need to play many games every day.

Thomas Snyder: Learn how to build quickly. Practice it by going into Tilted Towers with no-filled squads and see how long you can last.

John McCarthy: Do not start out playing with bad people *Thomas Snyder*.

Nick DeMarinis: Switch from standard controls to combat pro. It makes it much easier to take a shotgun shot or switch guns.

Eric Rhines: Learn how to build quickly!

Jake Noss: If you can’t build, you are going to be trash at it.

Pete Skinner: Always reload and never be afraid to camp in a bush.

Will Logerfo: Don’t download it!

Photo Credit: YouTube