Worst of the Worst 2017

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Worst of the Worst 2017

Justin Oei, Staff Writer

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Here at the Omega, we’re usually quite fond of ranking stuff based on how good it is. But with the year and it’s tumultuous events coming to a close, I decided to take a slightly different approach and find out what Omega writers hated more than they loved. So without further ado, I present the worst of the worst.


Out of 22 responses, the most hated is…

(Tie) Burger King and McDonald’s with 22.7% (5 votes each)

Runners Up (also tied): Popeyes and KFC with 18.2% (4 votes each)


I asked Chris Ocker on why he said he was not fond of what might be an OP favorite, Chipotle: “Their food is trying too hard to be different that it doesn’t taste good to me. I greatly prefer Moe’s.”


Out of 22 responses, the worst of the worst is…

United with 27.3% of the votes (6 votes)

Runners up (tie): Alaska Airlines and Allegiant Air (18.2% or 4 votes each)


Jack Anderson on why he despises JetBlue: “I had bad experiences. The plane was poorly cleaned up. I found old food in my seat pockets, along with ruffled newspapers and magazines.  The space is tight and the good is trash…I like United!”



Out of 21 responses, the least favorite is…

CNN with 33% of the votes (7 votes)
Runners up (tie): FOX News and PBS (23.8% or 5 votes each)


Jack Mogen on why he hates FOX: ”While I understand that all news is biased in a sense, when it comes to FOX, I simply cannot bear it. The methods they use to come to a point are simply repulsive, and they could at least try to maintain an aura of a real station, perhaps by not yelling into the mic or cutting off guest’ mics.”



The least favored is, strangely…

The NJ-ASK (the old elementary school test) with 41% of the vote (9 votes)

Runner up: SAT with 36.4% of the votes (8 votes)

Quoting Jake Nowacki’s previous treatise on the SAT: “The time constraint isn’t the only problem: It’s the fact that one exam — which isn’t even close to the kind of work you’ll be doing in college and doesn’t resemble a full-time job at all — can decide which school and career path you go down. The lack of teamwork and creativity, two things that make college what it is, are both completely absent, forcing you to be judged by just a number on a page, and not your ability to collaborate.”

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