Iowa Football’s Wave


Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

Iowa football has long been recognized as a strong Big Ten football team. They have consistently been a threat to those around them and were ranked in the AP Top 10 last year. However, their team this year does not have as much talent as it has heart and kindness. This generosity has stemmed from their fans and is shown anytime Iowa plays in a game at their home stadium. Kinnick Stadium, home to the Iowa Hawkeyes, is located next to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Many children have the opportunity to view the entire field from their room windows and can see most of the gameday actions. One of these actions has taken the Iowa fans by storm after being suggested by a mom on social media. Each day of a home game, all fans of the Hawkeyes wave in unison to the sick in their rooms at the hospital next to the stadium. The marching band then proceeds to form a hand-like shape on the field and move in different directions to make like it is moving. Gestures like this have rarely been seen before in the massive scope shown by the Hawkeyes and their fans. Try to step into each of the children’s shoes. You are sitting in your bed facing the field on gameday with an air of expectancy for what ensues in the pregame warm-ups. The first time shocks you as it materialized out of thin air, and you believed it was occurring just for you. In between the first and second quarter, all 70,000 fans turn around and wave to you and touche your heart in the process. Each individual is showing their support for you to fight through and conquer any illness that befalls onto you. This tradition began with a caring mother and has never ceased since. It might not be long lasting yet, but in later years it can become an exceptional tradition in college sports for a superb cause.  

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