Recapping OP’s Senior Fashion Show


Addison Drone, Editor

Sunday, November 5th marked OP’s annual Senior Fashion Show. It is one of the OP Parent Guild’s major fundraisers, accompanied by the Spring Gala, and it is a major treat for both students models and attendees alike. After a video highlighting the boys’ growth through the years and lunch for the families, the boys lined up for their big breakthroughs. The senior models walked down the runway to songs themed after their favorite movies and struck some fashionable moves. All along, the boys had backstage passes, which is where they spent much of their free time socializing and eating the lunch options they were provided. Then, when they were called on the stage, nobody disappointed.

While the seniors were enjoying their experience, the event truly came to fruition through the families that came to the Hanover Marriott. The group of people, numbered over 500, had plenty of opportunities to support Oratory through raffles, gift baskets, and vendors. The first thing they saw walking in were Hollywood stars with the senior’s names, and then they were presented with many different options ranging from the 50-50 raffle to a room filled entirely with baskets with a wide array of prizes. After all of this, they entered the ballroom, and the show began.

As the Senior Fashion Show concluded and emcee Mr. Maybe finished up his fantastic routine, there were many smiling faces as the raffle winners were announced and the boys took series upon series of photos. Overall, the event was a fantastic way for the senior class to remember their time together in a fun and fashionable way. In addition, all of the donations that came to the OP Parent’s Guild were greatly appreciated and are what spurs future events like this to continue to be offered.