OP’s Second Open House


Joe Meade, Staff Writer

October 19th marked Oratory’s second open house. However, this open house was at night unlike the last one (see my previous article). Besides the different time of day, everything else was very similar. The guests started arriving around 6:45 and were greeted immediately by smiling OP students and faculty. After registration, they went to booths of all the respective departments, clubs, and teams Oratory has to offer. My job was to again show the prospective families around OP’s campus and answer any questions they had. This time, some highlights included Mr.Crum’s mock engineering classroom, Mrs. Pasnik’s mock Biology lab, and the Senior Lounge. Another favorite among the prospective families was the fresh feel of Degaeta Hall. Like last time, our tour ended in the new cafeteria and parents and prospective students would ask any last minute questions before helping themselves to various cheeses, sandwiches, and desserts. After nearly two hours of what seemed like endless prospective families coming in and out of Degaeta, the Open House ended. While I was at first surprised that so many families came on a Thursday night (a school night), I then pondered and realized that with new building completed, packed and exciting open houses would be the norm for many years to follow.

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/OratoryPrep/photos/