What’s the Deal with the Dances

Whats the Deal with the Dances

Paul Topazio, Staff Writer

I know it’s a weird topic to write about, and I hate to be the one to say what many are thinking, but are school dances really the best way to meet girls?  I guess it works for the select few with their natural ability to attract the opposite sex, but what about the rest of us?  Some of us who have no rhythm, or bravado.  We’re nice too!  But I doubt any girl could figure that out over the thunderous music and strobe lights.  I guess one could argue that a dance is one step up from communicating via skype, text or any other impersonal platform, but is that the best we can do?  Instead of inviting schools to dances, maybe we could organize a large scale community project where we could develop more meaningful relationships and help people at the same time.  What do you think?  

Feel free to send in your suggestions at my email: [email protected].  Please refrain from any X-Rated ideas.  Thanks, Paul.