OP’s First Full Year With DaGaeta ~ Interview


Addison Drone, Editor

The 2017-2018 school year presents the first full year where students and faculty have full access to OP’s new building, DaGaeta Hall. As the excitement is building, I went to interview different seniors and faculty on how they will use the new building and what it means for the school.


What is your favorite aspect of DaGaeta Hall?

Ian Ellmer: The weight room.

Mrs. Acquadro: The new biology lab.

Oscar O’Brien: The classrooms are very new with modernized hallways.

Christian Lofaro: The giant Oratory insignia in the main atrium.

John McCarthy: Being able to eat outside.

Ryan Briggs: The windows, so I can throw up a peace sign to Mr. Gaertner everyday.

Jake Noss: The senior locker room because it demonstrates senior comradery.

Mark Miyashiro: Mr. Barresi’s new classroom. He teaches me Stat in room 401.

Mr. Mccrystal: The comradery of the coaches office. It is a very unique place.

Mr. Maybe: The fitness center.


How will life at Oratory be improved with the new building?

Mrs. Acquadro: We can have more space and can add more classes to the curriculum with more classroom options.

Oscar O’Brien: Working out just became so much easier and convenient.

Christian Lofaro: There will be less clutter in the hallways.

Diego Legaspi: There are more things to do around campus. The facilities are better and cleaner, which I appreciate.

Jake Noss: Greater opportunities for school spirit with something additional to be proud of.

Mark Miyashiro: More walking between building is more exercise for the boys.

Mr. McCrystal: Both for marketing and practical day to day use, it is a game changer.

Mr. Maybe: We can experience the entire campus. There is more of an open atmosphere in the cafeteria for student interactions.


How do you plan to use the new building this year?

Ian Ellmer: I plan to use the new building as a brand new academic environment where I could better study and focus to be a great OP Man.

John Misihowsky: I plan to use the fitness center. Also, most of my classes are in the new building.

Oscar O’Brien: I use the showers in the mornings after I workout.

Ryan Briggs: For educational purposes only.

Jake Noss: Once the winter hits, I will be in the weight room.

Mark Miyashiro: To comfort Allan during lunch and after school.

Mr. McCrystal: I plan to occupy it as regularly as I can.

Mr. Maybe: For the fitness center with all the teams I coach. I use it myself to stay in shape. I should get to be a part of the first basketball game in the new gym as the JV basketball coach.


Have you eaten lunch outside yet? How was it?

Oscar O’Brien: Yes. I liked it a lot. It is nice because you are overlooking the soccer field and gym classes.

John McCarthy: I have eaten outside and it was great. Hopefully, the weather stays nice.

Ryan Briggs: I ate outside, and it was a bit windy, but I enjoyed my meal.

Jake Noss: Everyday.

Mark Miyashiro: Yes. The patio is cool and shaded.