48 Runners; 48 Reasons to Tune in for OPXC


Addison Drone, Editor

This fall the OP cross country team looks to set personal and team records. Here is why you should tune in:

  1. Thorough Defeat of New Prov
  2. Greg Lion taking one step for every three that Mark Miyashiro takes
  3. Corey Vita and Pat Jackson’s America themed headbands
  4. Coach Crum being mistaken for a senior runner at every meet
  5. Watch Mark Miyashiro come by and throw up a shaka
  6. Jake Noss hitting splits at an unprecedented pace
  7. Witness the complex handshake done by Coach McCrystal. John Lally, and Mark Miyashiro
  8. Crazy Irish man riding a bike through suburban sections of Summit
  9. Jack Mogan and Graham Hamilton battling it out down the chute
  10. Follow the team to the old grounds of the Greystone Psychiatric Hospital
  11. The possibility of the top five runners averaging under a 17:00 5k
  12. Ian Ellmer showing up to meets even though he is not on the team anymore
  13. Joe Nassoura passing approximately 15 kids in the last 400 meters
  14. Watch Coach McCrystal freak out as our opponents cuts corners
  15. Mike Cantaluppi breaking personal and school records
  16. OP hype circles before the races go off
  17. Mascolo Family Running Co. Tank tops
  18. Coach Maybe shouting words that nobody can understand
  19. Fried Oreos that are sold at the Holmdel State Course
  20. The team shattering records at specific courses
  21. Watch the CBA team and then wait another two minutes for the OP boys to pass
  22. Two minute abs!
  23. The boys becoming animals on the course as they compete at the Six Flags Safari Park
  24. Juniors Chris Uustal and Alex Rickard battling it out on the JV course
  25. Aidan Watkins beating his brother??
  26. Coach McCrystal shaving his beard into different forms as the team finds success
  27. OP’s top model – Clam shell pose
  28. Jake Noss stripping off his baggy shirts to the OPXC tank and competing
  29. “[Cross country runner X] wears short shorts, I wear t-shirts”
  30. Listen to some “Old Stuff” music in an OPXC singalong
  31. Nick Mascolo and Kevin dePoortere leading frisbee and football games respectively
  32. Eric Rhines and Captain Jake Noss’ bromance
  33. Appearance of the OP flag
  34. Brendan Kleinle’s extreme surplus of energy
  35. The praying mantis that is arguably the team’s mascot
  36. The possibility of a clumsy fall into the mud
  37. “Old Man” Munro who looks like he is in pain when running
  38. Coach McCrystal’s forehead tan lines from wearing a hat to cover his fine Irish skin in the bright sun
  39. Headbands on teenage boys
  40. John Lally losing to girls in meets
  41. The potential of L-Money to stop running and break into song
  42. Kraemer’s crazy old man stories
  43. The OP Soccer team picking kids off with shots off goal
  44. Intimidating opposing coaches that might actually be crazy
  45. The team walking off the bus to “Jump Around” by House of Pain #hype
  46. 50 person yoga sessions led by Coach McCrystal; scraping him off the ground afterward
  47. The hope of Billy Skinner becoming the team’s prodigal son
  48. Chance of being in Non-Public B means state championship possibility