Men of the Mornings

Joe Meade, Staff Writer

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At 6:30 am on a Monday Morning, many are fast asleep or just getting up. But for some, myself included, their day has already started. Why do they start their days so early? Are they insane? No. Are they sleepless animals? No. They are just like you. They have gotten up, have eaten breakfast, and have started driving to DeGaeta Hall (better known as “The New Building”). The one difference is that they do so exceptionally earlier. In fact, for some their day starts even earlier. Junior Nick Sannito’s day starts at 5:45 am in order to get to Degaeta by 7 am.

So one question remains, why do so many people want to wake up so early to get to DeGaeta Hall by 7. The answer is simple; they simply want to use the new resources DeGaeta has to offer. If you are like Nick and many others, you come at 7 am to work out in the Fitness Center. There are plenty of guys in the center on early Monday mornings pumping iron and breaking a serious sweat to start off the week. Whether they like it or not, they are taking advantage of every free minute they have in DeGaeta despite how egregiously early they woke up. They want to get stronger and faster even if their whole morning routine could be jeopardized. Maybe you found inspiration from this, or perhaps you just think they are plain insane. Either way, we should appreciate how hard some of our fellow Rams work.

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