Meeting Notes 9/6

Meeting Notes 9/6

Student Council Meeting Notes 9/6


7:41 AM: Student Council Contracts are handed out for representatives to return, signed, on Monday the 11th.

7:41- 7:47 AM: Responsibilities are discussed so that everyone knows

  • Student Council comes first, can’t be missed for most school related things
  • “Student Council is not just another thing for you to do”
  • Discusses the point system and what that means for each representatives

7:47-7:50: Introduction of positions

  • Abhay: Middle School CEO
  • Logan Drone: Interim 9th Grade CEO
  • Cole Noss: 10th Grade CEO
  • Joe Meade: 11th Grade CEO
  • Colin Martin: 12th Grade Appointed Rep
  • Patrick Heffernan: President of the Student Council
  • Jake Noss: Vice-President of the Student Council

7:50-7:57 Discuss events/setup for Friday 9/8

  • Need 3 guys to setup (Abhay, Colin, Liam)
  • Executive Board will have a 30-35 minute presentation for the school, alongside the Representatives
  • Assign people to help with different aspects: Colin Martin, Peter Ainsworth, both set up, Miles Madigan

7:58- End

  • 9/22 is dance, put it on your calendar
  • Need volunteers for club fair 9/22:  
  • Workshop: Public Speaking help
  • Checking around for any initiatives