Saint Philip Neri Club Jefferson Service Award


Addison Drone, Editor

Last Thursday, the Saint Philip Neri Club presented in front of a panel of judges for the Jefferson Service Association. The club presented an oral presentation that tied all of its service initiatives from the past year into the seven minute premiere. With the rest of the club eagerly watching, the team of Joey DeAngelo, Thomas Snyder, Cole Noss, Justin Rodriguez, Steven Graham, Corey Vita, and myself gave our pitch over Skype to the judging panel. The follow-up questions from the judges, often meant to try to stump the presenters, were fielded very cleanly, and multiple club members answered each question providing a true cumulative answer.

The oral presentation was only one component of the Saint Philip Neri Club’s resume for the award. Previously, a written report that highlighted organization impact and the emphasis on the Students in Action pillars of leadership, engagement, and impact was submitted. The oral and written components would lead the judges to administer a score out 100 possible points. The Philip Neri Club was able to gather 95.28 points, which put it above the threshold for a Jefferson Service Award Gold Banner and also in second place in the state. The team was just a point away from finishing first in NJ and going to Washington DC to again present.

Overall, the Jefferson Service Award was a great way to provide recognition for all of the wonderful service that goes on at OP. The presenters did a fantastic job in the oral presentation, and Mrs. Michalski’s guidance proved vital in recognizing the true impact of our service.