Mrs. Acquadro Sports Test

Mrs. Acquadro Sports Test

Addison Drone, Editor

Upon request from Mr. McCrystal, I interviewed Mrs. Acquadro on sports! Seeking a profound insight into her sports knowledge, I questioned her on a variety of sports topics. The questions were progressively more difficult, and her responses are matched with the correct response below.


Name 5 athletes.

Response: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Tom Brady, and the Manning brothers.

Answer: You only needed to list five.


Name two New York sports teams.

Response: Mets and Yankees.


What is the score of a perfect game in bowling?
Response: 300.

Answer: 300.


The Washington Capitals are in which sports league?

Response: Basketball.

Answer: Hockey.


How many holes are on a golf course?

Response: 18.

Answer: 18.


If you make in a half court basket in basketball, how many points do you receive?

Response: 5.

Answer: 3.


What is the maximum number of innings in baseball games?

Response: 9.

Answer: Unlimited.


What position does Tom Brady play? Eli Manning? Antonio Brown?

Response: Brady and Manning play QB. Antonio Brown might play linebacker. I do not know many positions.

Answer: Quarterback, Quarterback, Wide Receiver.


What stroke or hit starts off a point in tennis or volleyball?

Response: *A look of confusion*.

Answer: A Serve.


Who won the last NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament?

Response: I don’t know any of the teams.

Answer: South Carolina.


Finally, what would your 5k time be if you ran Cross Country?

Response: It has been 15 years since I last ran. I know I could walk it in 45 minutes and would probably run it in some time shorter than that.

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