Conspiracy: Lizard People Rule the World

Conspiracy: Lizard People Rule the World

Addison Drone, Staff Writer

David Icke has had an interesting career trajectory to say the least. As a kid, he was able to escape poverty through fantastic soccer play that put him in the English Football League. However, he was forced to retire from soccer at the early age of 21 due to severe knee issues. He would pick up journalism and broadcasting and acquire a respectable position at BBC Sport. In 1991, he came to the belief that he was placed in the world with the purpose of being a messenger from the spiritual world. On an episode of BBC’s show Wogan, he announced that he was “Son of the Godhead”, sparking public outcry. With a tainted reputation, he began writing, centering his pieces on conspiracy theories. In one of the most ambitious theories pieced together, his books tell of the Babylonian Brotherhood, a group of shape-shifting reptilians that discreetly control the world. This man has come up with such an shocking theory that I must dig deeper through analysis. In fact, there are a few details that could point towards the global dominion of reptilians.

These lizard people at one time lived on earth in unison with people and other creatures. Eventually, at one point, they decided to go undercover and hid from the appeared reality. This is reflected in Genesis when Adam and Eve come into contact with the serpent. Then, in the rest of the bible, reptiles are talked of little except for in comparison to Satan in the Book of Revelations. Satan is believed to be Draco, the most power reptile in existence, who is served by his “angels”, referring to the other reptilians. Also, they would interbreed with humans to alter the human genome. The altercations resulted in humans not being able to utilize the entirety of their brains, making the entire race easier to control. In addition, humans do have traces of reptile genes in their brains. Some hybrid peoples were utilized by the reptiles to gain positions of power in different civilizations. As humankind expanded around the globe, the reptiles and their hybrids did likewise and became royal families and key rulers. They have kept their secret in a variety of ways. They have distracted humans through media, entertainment, and politics. Also, they have further altered the human sense of reality through the poisoning of food and air — no wonder there are other conspiracies about jet streams being a way the government poisons its people.

There are two classes of these reptilians. Full breeds are aware that they are reptilian and can instantaneously change from human to reptilian form. Their human form is not actually a physical change, rather it is vibrations that make humans think that they are another human. On the contrary, cross breeds do not know that are reptilian, firmly believing they are humans. They are controlled by the low fourth dimension to push forward the reptilian agenda called the New World Order. Recently, Icke has come up with a new theory that the moon is hollow and is really a giant spacecraft that houses this fourth dimension. The regular human mind is manipulated from this location, otherwise known as the moon matrix, that blocks the true reality.

The reptilians make up a variety of famous figures around the globe. Their blood lines relate to the British House of Windsor, the Clintons, the Bushes and others. In fact, the relatives of George W Bush shows possibilities for other members of this family. These figures include Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana.

In relation to bloodlines, these creatures can be traced back to the earliest of times. In around 4800 BC the crossbreeds emerged from the mountains of the Middle East and started the Indus Valley civilizations. It was through their leadership that the Sumerians, Babylonians, and others advanced in such magnificent ways. The kickstart provided by the more advanced reptilians led to the expansion of humans across the globe.

Finally, we must ask what the ultimate goal of the reptilians is. Why have they chosen to secretly control the workings of the Earth? Perhaps they are utilizing our resources to benefit their home planet. Maybe they lust power and want to have dominion over life forms, and the human race was an obvious choice. Possibly they feed off of negative energy created through the mayhem that is found around the globe. No matter what their motive is, David Icke cannot come to believe any other way that this country is being run.

To conclude, in an interesting poll run by Public Policy Polling, it was found that 4% of US voters believe in Icke’s philosophy of lizard people gaining political prominence….


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