Three Old Habits I Have Cut Down On Since Starting High School

Joe Meade, Staff Writer

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As many of you know, I have attended Oratory for both middle and high school. Obviously, these two are entirely different ball games. While middle school is challenging, the pressure is not as intense as high school as scores will not count for college. Not only does high school draw more pressure, it draws a heck of a lot more time to do work and extracurriculars (sports, clubs, etc). This means we have less time to enjoy hobbies we did in middle school. I listed four major habits that I have cut down on since starting high school.

  1. Watching Weekly TV
    1. Since starting high school, I have had less time to enjoy TV, especially on weeknights. In fact, if I am lucky the only TV I watch on weeknights is usually college basketball or Thursday Night NFL games. This means I have the option to record or binge watch my favorite tv shows for a later date. Sadly, this usually means in the summer as the time you want to use goes by very quickly.
  2. Video Games
    1. With less and less time to enjoy as the year goes on, this means less time for nearly everyone’s favorite hobbies. In my case, video games my former hobby earns the former because I rarely get to enjoy them. Video games usually take up an hour and a free hour on a school night is a rare sometimes dying commodity.
  3. Normal Sleep Routine
    1. On certain nights when I have a test or paper due the next day, the pressure to get a good grade on it is huge. This means I spend extra time studying or perfecting the paper. Believe it or not, this takes multiple hours (at least for me) which usually cuts into sleep time. In high school nights like these occur twice or thrice a week. This means sleep time will go up and down, and up and down again.

By Joe Meade
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