Meet Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Justin Oei, Staff Writer

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. A name that brings some people joy, but to many others, dread.


Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama was recently confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States, succeeding acting Attorney Generals Dana Boente and the controversially-fired Sally Yates. Formerly a US Attorney in Alabama, Sessions most recently served as the junior Senator from Alabama (since succeeded by Luther Strange, the most recent Alabama Attorney General). His tenure in office has been marred with controversy; Sessions has reputedly called African-American co-workers “boy” and is, like Scott Pruitt, the nominee for the head of the EPA, a climate change skeptic.


The Senate did not escape controversy either. Despite Cory Booker (D-NJ) being allowed to testify against Sessions in early nomination hearings, Republicans had a change of heart and blocked Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) from reading into the historical record a letter by Coretta Scott King, with Mitch McConnell stating that it violated US Senate Rules against impugning a Senator.


So what does his confirmation mean for the country? Surprisingly, it could be more hurtful to Republicans to Democrats. By his resignation from the Senate, the Republicans no longer hold a majority in the Senate (with the current tally being 50-47-2), which they need to confirm any Trump nominees. This requires at least one Democrat to vote for all Trump nominees; if the Democrats oppose, it would force Trump to appoint nominees more favorable to Democratic politicians.
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