OP Teachers in High School

OP Teachers in High School

Addison Drone, Staff Writer

High school has some rough days for all of us students. Did our teachers have the same problems? What were they like back in high school? Is it what we would expect? To find this answer, I talked to a few students for their predictions and then reached out to the teachers for what they viewed themselves as. For some teachers, I got a third analysis from another faculty member. Enjoy the memories.


OP Alumni Faculty

Mr. Barresi

Student Predictions (Declan McKee): Back when B cared about things, he was definitely a big try-hard. He let it all out in high school and then had nothing left. He probably looked like skinnier after a game with his bowl cut.

Student Prediction (Adam Lewis): Nerd who played Risk until 4 in the morning on Prom night.

Self Analysis: To be honest I was a pretty much a run of the mill high school student. I was a pretty good athlete in that I played both varsity basketball and soccer, but I was not an all-star or anything like that. I definitely cared more about sports than my grades (not a great characteristic at the time). I was a decent student and took mostly honors classes with two AP’s sprinkled in. To be honest, I was not a very hard worker when it came to my studies, but I got pretty good grades in my classes, mostly a 90ish grade student my whole career. I did love my experience at OP though and made a lot of great friends that I am still really close with today. I would say that I still have about 7 really good friends from my Oratory days. I pretty much got along with everyone in the whole school. I was friendly with everyone in my grade and got along well with all the teachers. I am sure Mr. Acquadro will give you an interesting perspective of me in high school.

Peer Analysis From Faculty Member (Mr. Acquadro): Clown.


Mr. McCrystal

Student Predictions (Corey Vita): I think Mr. McCrystal was a total bro back in his high school glory days. He definitely wore leprechaun shoes and owned a green suit.

Self Analysis: I was a hard working, quiet guy who enjoyed a practical joke. I was called a humanist by my Geometry teacher, Fr. Manning. It was a nice way of saying I should stay away from Math and Science in my future. I was social. My closest friends today are my high school friends.

Peer Analysis From Faculty Member (Mrs. Gribbin): He was a big dork with more hair on his head than on his face back then. If you look at his high school yearbook pictures, it looks like he should have been a part of NSYNC.


Other Notable OP Staff

Mr. Acquadro

Student Predictions (Matt Falcone): Apparently he went to Seton Hall Prep, so that says a lot about his character.

Self Analysis: Derelict. Degenerate.

Wife Analysis (Mrs. Acquadro): Now he is serious about schoolwork, but he may not have been not as dedicated to his time in school as I was. He also did sports and was the kid who was looked to take not take something seriously. In every way, he was the opposite of me. I would’ve hated him in high school….


Mrs. Acquadro:

Student Predictions (Nick Browne): Mrs. Acquadro was a know it all and wanted everyone to know how well she did. She had a lot of friends because she was captain of the wrestling and acapella teams which was unprecedented by any woman in her high school. She developed her hatred of students here and it has only gotten worse since. I walk in fear every time I go to her class because she has threatened to RKO me multiple times.

Self Analysis: In high school, I was quiet and studious. I was always on time and did not like to miss school. I was part of the choir and french club and a peer leader to be a good role.

Husband Analysis (Mr. Acquadro): Nerd.


Mrs. Gribbin:

Student Predictions (Ben Palumbo): Mrs. Gribbin was a really mean person who made snarky comments in high school. She was a big, big, big gossiper…. She would make grammar corrections mid convo (grammar nazi). Mrs. Gribbin probably had a group of friends similar to those from “Mean Girls.” They walked around the halls talking crap about others. Back when she was in high school, Saturdays were for the girls.

Self Analysis: I was not as mean as everyone thinks I was (she is probably lying here). I was very sarcastic and talked a lot. I was generally angry that I was not allowed to go to public school.


Mr. Allan Parsells:

Student Predictions (Billy Skinner): If I had to guess… Mr. Parsells probably flipped over a table or two in his day. He was probably respectful, but also funny.

Self Analysis: In high school, I was a fairly popular person. I was an athlete and pretty much joked around like I do now…. I’m just much smarter about it than I was back then haha.