Christmas in the Premier League


Luke Bernstein, Staff Writer

The biggest two weekends in the Premier League have finished and all twenty teams are exhausted after three matches in just an eight day span.  This time of year is grueling for the players and coaches, yet highly anticipated among the fans.  The fans are able to watch all of their favorite teams fight it out during the Christmas festivities.  It is a time of relaxation for the spectator, which makes the games more fun to watch than any other time in the season.  This period of matches helps to separate the men from the boys.

While the top five teams of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham remained the same, many things changed in the lower half of the Premier League Table. Southampton have fallen from eight to tenth, while West Bromwich Albion has moved up the table to claim Southampton’s spot. Burnley have moved from fourteenth to eleventh, while West Ham United has moved to thirteenth and Stoke City to fifteenth from eleventh and twelfth respectively.  Leicester City has moved from sixteenth to fourteenth and Middlesbrough have done the opposite.  Swansea City and Hull City are fighting to escape the absolute bottom of the relegation zone as the trade one point advantages over each other.  Hull is struggling to survive in the Premier League having been promoted from the Championship just this season.  Swansea are onto their third manager in just five months which means all signs are pointing down for them.  This Christmas Season goes to show that anything can happen in the English Premier League
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