Ask Amanda


Amanda, Staff Writer

My Dear Amanda,

I want to go to a semi formal because they’re max lit. But to go I need a chick that I like to invite me. Should I send her a love note like in anime? Or should I fight her current boyfriend to show my dominance and claim my rightful place? Or should I try the Aladdin thing and throw her off a balcony onto my magic carpet? Pls help, I wanna pick up chicks at the semi.



Ladies Man 2004


Dear Ladies Man 2004,


It’s good to see that you have an interest in semi formal’s, being a romantic, and putting in some effort for the girl you like; however, I wouldn’t quite go about the business throwing anyone off a balcony or getting into fights. If she has a boyfriend then she won’t be asking you to a semi formal, or anyone else other than her boyfriend for that matter. If you have anyone else in mind you definitely shouldn’t throw them off a balcony or fight anyone to impress them or show dominance. I’m sure you have the best intentions, but are just a bit lost as to the direction you need to be going in. A love note is actually a pretty good idea if she is showing any interest in you. On the other hand, a love note can be extraordinarily creepy if she isn’t interested in you, and you will surely be made into a laughing stock.

So what would I recommend? Firstly, don’t ask out the girl that has a boyfriend. Don’t bother her, show some respect, I mean come on she has a boyfriend.  Second, if the semi formal is a “girls ask boys” semi you probably shouldn’t be asking anyone out. It’s a “girls ask boys semi” for a reason, the point is for the girls not to feel pressured to go with someone that they don’t want to. Lastly, the only thing you can do is hope to increase your chances of being asked to the “max lit semi”. My advice is to be nice, be respectful, and show some interest if you want the best chance of being asked to the semi.


All the best,

Amanda <3