Elementary School Presidential Pick


Addison Drone , Staff Writer

It may sound preposterous that I am writing about how a New York elementary school picked Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election on Tuesday. However, this elementary school has correctly forecasted every presidential election since 1968, when the school was founded. All the elections since the 1968 election of Nixon have been predicted by this elementary school. This includes the close election result of the 2000 election, Bush v. Gore, and all those in between.

Prior to the election, the students at this Yorktown Heights (NY) school take part in their own mock election. These school elections are not taken lightly, and the aim is to make them seemingly realistic. The students, many of which are dressed patriotically, enter single file into the booth and place their votes before later gathering in the auditorium to hear the results.

Beforehand, the children learn the candidates simply as “Candidate A” and “Candidate B”, and they use a debate sheet to analyze statistics provided. It seems like a foolproof way to take out bias and choose the correct candidate, and these students have been great in their past voting.

The results are in for this year. The students picked the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with a popular vote of 52 percent (277 votes) with Donald Trump coming in behind her at 43 percent (230). Will they keep their streak of correct predictions up? We will find out on Tuesday.