9th Grade Student Council Agenda

9th Grade Student Council Agenda

Aidan Watkins, Staff Writer

With the 9th-grade election finished and 4 new representatives elected, some are left with more questions than answers. During the election speeches, each candidate expressed their ideas and goals if they won the office. Many ideas were common among the candidates and some new ones were introduced. Now that the elections are over, the challenge for each representative is how to incorporate their ideas and plans into the school. To get an idea of the 9th-grade agenda for 2016-2017 I sat down with Class of 2020 freshman CEO Cole Noss and discussed his plans.

What are the goals that you wish to achieve in your term?

I plan to honor what I said I would do  in the open house debate. We will be surveying the population for the most important issues. We will look to fix these issues and make sure that any problems are addressed.  My main goal is to represent my fellow classmates on student council.  Their issues are my issues which are our issues.  I’m excited to be working with a great team,  Alex Felitto, Nick Looney, and Conor Maenpaa.

What subject is at the top of your agenda?

The top of my Agenda is communicating with the Freshmen Class.  We would like to do this both in person (more details to follow) and technologically.  We will gather their opinions on what they are looking for us to  accomplish.

Will you work with representative Nick Looney’s and get Gatorade in the vending machines?

My main concern is fulfilling the wishes of the freshmen student body.  If after surveying our classmates, the data shows that this is a top priority, I fully intend on supporting Nick Looney with stocking the vending machines with Gatorade. It is his idea, so he would “spearhead” the action.

How do you plan to achieve all this?

I will achieve my goals like I always do, consensus building and open dialogue.  By gathering information, consulting with the administrators, faculty, and students we will formulate a plan to solve the problem.   Whether it be fundraising money through something like a bake sale or meeting with heads of Clubs to ask for their assistance, I will complete as much as I can in my term as CEO of the 9th Grade. Your student council representatives, Alex Felitto, Nick Looney, Conor Maenpaa and myself are looking forward to a great year.