Introducing Amanda <3


Amanda, Advice Guru

Good day, good sirs! It only seems fair for me to tell you a little bit about myself before you all confess your deepest secrets to me. I am a nineteen year old freshman currently attending Penn State. I am extroverted, optimistic, and aggressively outgoing, so I have plenty of experience with all sorts of people in every shape, size, and personality. I am also constantly shaking with energy from multiple cups of coffee so I should be able to get back to your questions with brevity.

My purpose at Oratory is to answer your questions from a less testosterone encumbered point of view. “Amanda, why are you involved with Oratory?” Great question! Fortunately for me, Penn State is giving me internship hours for gracing you all with my wisdom. I will be able to answer most of the questions that you ask me, but don’t expect any help with your homework. With that in regard, ask away!

I am now open to receiving emails at