Dance Dilemma


Amanda, Advice Guru

Dear Amanda,

I am curious on how to get girls at dances. From all of the anime’s I watch I know I am supposed to attract their attention with my bulging muscles and charming smile but afterwards how do make them become my girlfriend?


Absolutely Ripped

Dear Absolutely Ripped,

The first thing that I notice about this question is your use of language and wording. I hope that you aren’t going to MAKE anyone become your girlfriend. Girls usually don’t react to force very well, and you may end up with a court case on your plate. Apart from that, when it comes to talking to girls the most important thing is to make yourself and the girl that you are talking to comfortable. An uncomfortable conversation is completely fruitless. There isn’t anything special that you need to do or say to “impress” girls, just have a normal conversation and show a bit of interest. If they are having a good time then go ahead and ask for a phone number. You could even ask for email or social media, who cares. If you try to have fun chances are she will have fun too! I’m sure your boyish good looks will help, and remember always show off your nice guy pose!


Amanda XO